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Domestic Flight Destinations

» Kathmandu
» Pokhara
» Lukla
» Jomsom
» Dhangadhi
» Janakpur
» Simara
» Phaplu
» Bharatpur (Chitwan)
» Nepalgunj (Bardia)
» Bhairahawa (Lumbini)
» Mt. Flight (Everest)
» Bhadrapur
» Biratnagar
» Tumlingtar
» Surkhet

Testimonials did a great job for us; flight was cancelled first day due to weather[happens quite often] and this is where the service paid off! They went to work and got us scheduled on our only other free morning---wonderful flight! Recommend service highly - 5 stars!
- David & Nataylia

Agni Air

Agni Air Pvt. Ltd. is an airlines Company who spread its wing in 16th march 2006 with one Dornier Do-228 aircraft for only one sector Lukla and is registered as a private limited company with the Company Registrar Office of the Ministry of Industry and commerce, Government of Nepal, under the Company Act, 2053 BS of Nepal. Agni Air is determined to play an effective role in stimulating the economic development of the nation by promoting development of the tourism industry of Nepal while simultaneously providing an extensive connection. Presently, we are operating 6 aircrafts, 3 Dornier-228 Aircrafts built in German and 3 Jetstream-41 built in UK to various domestic sectors. The company head office is located in Santinagar, Kathmandu whereas there is one city sales offices at Nagpokhari, Naxal, Kathmandu.

Agni Air Pvt. Ltd. aims at providing air transportation services with a technically sound and economically viable, competitive fleet for regional sectors within Nepal. We fly to the most popular tourist destinations such as Lukla, Tumlingtar, Biratnagar, Bhadrapur, Bhairahawa, Pokhara and Jomsom. Agni air also works hard at fostering a self driven and personalized staff base driving towards complete customer centric orientation. The airline has served the isolated population of Nepal living in far-flung mountain areas by providing the only means of transportation and connection for the outside world. Progressive and philanthropic, Agni air has always strived to serve the people of Nepal and beyond by providing affordable air connections and quality service.

Having made a modest beginning, the airline has assumed a larger responsibility now. Agni Air is unarguably one of carrier flying to the far remote destinations in Nepal. In most cases, the only way that National and International relief aid as well as personals can reach these locations is by Agni Air. We take immense pride in being able to connect our country as extensively as we do.

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Our aircrafts are handled by some of the best trained and experienced personnel's of the aviation industry. The Cabin crew is totally dedicated to their mission of providing the highest level of customer satisfaction by way of personalized service.

Power plants
Two 1230 KW (1650 SHP) AlliedSignal TPE331-14 GR/HR turboprop engines driving five blade McCauley propellers. Dornier-228(Dornier Lufthart German) aircraft - a product of the most renowned and time-proven German technology. Our twenty seater aircraft is most suited for group of both corporate and tourist travelers. The maintenance of the aircraft is in accordance with the accordance with the international standards and we also adhere to the necessary safety and security regulations governed by Civil Aviation of Nepal.

Agni Air Flying Sectors
Flight From Flight To Flight No. Dep. Time Arri. Time Price on US $ basis
Kathmandu Lukla AG-101 06:30:00 07:00:00 US$ 0
Kathmandu Lukla AG-301 06:30:00 07:00:00 US$ 0
Kathmandu Lukla AG-103 08:00:00 08:30:00 US$ 0
Kathmandu Lukla AG-303 08:00:00 08:30:00 US$ 0
Kathmandu Lukla AG-105 09:30:00 10:00:00 US$ 0
Kathmandu Lukla AG-305 09:30:00 10:00:00 US$ 0
Kathmandu Lukla AG-107 11:00:00 11:30:00 US$ 0
Kathmandu Lukla AG-307 11:00:00 11:30:00 US$ 0
Kathmandu Lukla AG-109 14:00:00 14:30:00 US$ 0
Kathmandu Tumlingtar AG-201 12:30:00 13:10:00 US$ 144
Kathmandu Pokhara AG-701 08:30:00 09:05:00 US$ 123
Kathmandu Pokhara AG-703 11:00:00 11:25:00 US$ 123
Kathmandu Pokhara AG-705 14:30:00 14:55:00 US$ 123
Kathmandu Pokhara AG-401 16:00:00 16:25:00 US$ 123
Pokhara Jomsom AG-404 06:00:00 06:20:00 US$ 0
Jomsom Pokhara AG-405 06:25:00 06:45:00 US$ 0
Pokhara Jomsom AG-CHT 06:50:00 07:10:00 US$ 0
Jomsom Pokhara AG-CHT 00:00:07 07:30:00 US$ 0
Pokhara Jomsom AG-CHT 07:40:00 07:55:00 US$ 0
Jomsom Pokhara AG-CHT 08:00:00 08:15:00 US$ 0
Pokhara Kathmandu AG-402 10:00:00 10:25:00 US$ 123
Kathmandu Biratnagar AG-801 09:00:00 09:40:00 US$ 115
Kathmandu Biratnagar AG-805 12:30:00 13:10:00 US$ 115
Kathmandu Biratnagar AG-807 16:30:00 17:05:00 US$ 115
Kathmandu Bhadrapur AG-901 10:30:00 11:20:00 US$ 139
Kathmandu Bhadrapur AG-903 12:50:00 13:40:00 US$ 139
Kathmandu Bhairahawa AG-751 10:30:00 11:00:00 US$ 113
Kathmandu Bhairahawa AG-753 15:00:00 15:30:00 US$ 113
Lukla Kathmandu AG-102 07:15:00 07:45:00 US$ 0
Lukla Kathmandu AG-302 07:15:00 07:45:00 US$ 0
Lukla Kathmandu AG-104 08:45:00 00:00:09 US$ 0
Lukla Kathmandu AG-304 08:45:00 09:15:00 US$ 0
Lukla Kathmandu AG-106 10:15:00 10:45:00 US$ 0
Lukla Kathmandu AG-306 10:15:00 10:45:00 US$ 0
Lukla Kathmandu AG-108 11:45:00 12:15:00 US$ 0
Lukla Kathmandu AG-308 11:45:00 12:15:00 US$ 0
Lukla Kathmandu AG-110 14:45:00 15:15:00 US$ 0
Pokhara Kathmandu AG-702 09:15:00 09:40:00 US$ 123
Pokhara Kathmandu AG-706 15:10:00 15:35:00 US$ 123
Pokhara Kathmandu AG-704 11:40:00 12:10:00 US$ 123
Tumlingtar Kathmandu AG-202 13:25:00 14:05:00 US$ 144
Biratnagar Kathmandu AG-802 09:05:00 10:30:00 US$ 115
Biratnagar Kathmandu AG-806 13:20:00 14:00:00 US$ 115
Biratnagar Kathmandu AG-808 17:20:00 17:55:00 US$ 115
Bhadrapur Kathmandu AG-902 11:30:00 12:20:00 US$ 139
Bhadrapur Kathmandu AG-904 13:50:00 14:40:00 US$ 139
Bhairahawa Kathmandu AG-752 11:20:00 11:50:00 US$ 113
Bhairahawa Kathmandu AG-754 15:50:00 16:30:00 US$ 113
Kathmandu Mountain 06:30:00 07:15:00 US$ 200
Kathmandu Mountain 07:30:00 08:15:00 US$ 200

* Round trip airfare will be double.

Schedules are daily basis and subject to change without notice.
All timings are shown in local times.
33% discount will be allowed for the child (below 12 yrs) in normal fare [not in Fuel Surcharge (FSC).
90% the discount will be allowed for the infant (below 24 months) in normal fare [not in Fuel Surcharge (FSC).

Note : No child discount for Mount Everest Experience Flight

Cancellation Policy

  • 10% will be charged for cancellation of bookings before 11hrs from flight time.
  • 33.3% will be charged for for cancellation for booking within 11 hrs from flight time.
  • Rescheduling can be done 11 hrs before flight time.

Passenger will be treated as a No Show for not reporting within the reporting time and company shall not be liable to refund the tickets. Reporting time is 1 hr before the departure time, passengers will not be able to embark at the check-in counter 20 minutes before the given departure time.

Popular Destinations

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