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» Kathmandu
» Pokhara
» Lukla
» Jomsom
» Dhangadhi
» Janakpur
» Simara
» Phaplu
» Bharatpur (Chitwan)
» Nepalgunj (Bardia)
» Bhairahawa (Lumbini)
» Mt. Flight (Everest)
» Bhadrapur
» Biratnagar
» Tumlingtar
» Surkhet

Testimonials did a great job for us; flight was cancelled first day due to weather[happens quite often] and this is where the service paid off! They went to work and got us scheduled on our only other free morning---wonderful flight! Recommend service highly - 5 stars!
- David & Nataylia

Buddha Air

Buddha Air Pvt. Ltd is a privately operated air travel company founded on 23 April 1996 and registered as a private limited company at the Company Registrar Office of the Ministry of Industry, Government of Nepal, under the Company Act, 2021 BS of Nepal. The company headquarter is located at Jawalakhel, Lalitpur while there are two city sales offices in the most convenient locations within the Kathmandu Valley.
After 12 years of dedicated non-stop service, more than 100,000 flight hours logged in with over 3 million passengers flown to nine destinations with permanent runways in the country, Buddha Air today is the largest domestic air travel operator in Nepal employing more than 500 experienced professionals. The company has the largest fleet of the world's best aircrafts amongst all domestic airliners in operation with four 18 seat Beechcraft-1900 D, three 47 seat ATR-42 and one 72 seat ATR 72-500 flying out to all the trunk routes with a minimum of 1200 m of permanent runway. It is the company's policy to place safety at the highest priority.
Buddha Air's safety record and reliability has earned us a host of awards including the Highest Safety Award given by the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation of the Government of Nepal as well as a list of the most esteemed clientele in Nepal including most United Nations organizations, all major diplomatic missions, international non government organizations as well as national level organizations.
Buddha Air prides itself in maintaining an absolutely clean and transparent financial accounting which is one of the reasons why the company has gained the trust of some of Nepal's major banks as well as international institutions like the International Finance Corporation/World Bank (IFC/WB), General Insurance of India. Starting with an authorized capital of NRS 70 million the company cleared its loan of NRS 71 million within 6 years of establishment. On 27 September 2004, the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation honored Buddha Air for being the first among private sector airlines in foreign exchange earning during the fiscal year 060/061. The company's good governance practices earned the confidence of the International Finance Corporation/World Bank who provided a loan of USD 10 million for the purchase of the latest addition in Buddha Air's fleet, the ATR 42.
Buddha Air places great emphasis on safety and as well as operating new modern equipment , each aircraft is fully equipped with navigational aid equipment and flights are only operated in airports with asphalt runway of not less than 4000 feet length. The maintenance and engineering department has a fully trained work force including 45 cockpit crew, 5 flight operation officers, 18 qualified engineers and 31 technicians. We maintain an inventory of aircraft and engine spares replacing any part that doesn't pass our tests regardless of whether it is new or old with absolutely new parts. Buddha Air has also successfully completed a Cooperative Development of Operational Safety and Continuing Airworthiness Project - South Asia audit as a an ardent follower of the manufacturers and industry standard in the performance of our flight operations maintenance and safety & procedures. Buddha Air has renewed its aviation insurance for the 12th consecutive year with zero claims, something no other airliner in Nepal has done. Birbirinden kaliteli malatya escort bayanları ile istediğiniz fantazileri rahatlıkla gerçekleştirebilirsiniz. Sizleri en iyi şekilde ağırlayan malatya escort bayanlarını sitemizde bulabilirsiniz.
Buddha Air began with 1 Beech 1900 D and now has 8 best aircrafts.
Buddha Air Fleet
Buddha Air prides itself in maintaining safety as the highest priority and has always bought brand new aircrafts in line with this policy. At the moment Buddha Air owns a fleet of five just off the factory Beechcraft 1900D and three ATR 42 - 320 (Avions de Transport Regional or Aerei da Trasporto Regionale).

Kathmandu, the heart and capital of Nepal, was born out of an ancient lake and centuries of legends. Today it is a fast growing metropolis that in many ways represents all that is Nepal. Its ancient streets, market squares, temples and the living cultural heritage stand as a testimony to its past glory. As the political and economic center of the country, Kathmandu Valley is a place where people from all over the country and indeed the world converge making it the most advanced urban centre in the nation.
Kathmandu is the only city that has direct international air links and is connected to all the domestic airports as well. Kathmandu valley is connected by two major highways that link it to the rest of the country. As a well facilitated city it serves as the perfect base to start an exciting trip to anywhere in Nepal, Tibet, Darjeeling, Sikkim and the rest of South Asia.
Buddha Air Beechcraft 1900D (B1900D)
The B1900D have been modified and upgraded from its predecessor Beech 1900C and first commercially commissioned in March 1992. Buddha Air is the only airline operating brand new, straight-out-of-the-factory, and currently in production pressurized aircrafts in Nepal. The aircraft is manufactured by the US based Raytheon Aircraft Company (now Hawker Beechcraft). Each Beechcraft cost Buddha Air about US$ 5 million each.
The B1900D is the only 19 seat aircraft in the world to meet FAA's stringent turbine engine rotor burst requirement and the FAR 23. The aircraft has all the modern avionics, instruments and airframe including weather radar and EFIS (semi glass cockpit) that are in modern jetliners. The engines PT6A-67Ds are more powerful than its predecessors and have a service ceiling of 33,000 feet and a single engine performance of 17,500 feet. B1900D is also the chosen 19-seater aircraft of the American Aircraft Pilot's Association.
Beech 1900D aircraft are equipped with state-of-the-art safety devices like TCAS, GPWS, radar etc. Our aircraft have very wide seats - similar to those on MD 80 jets. Full pressurization and air conditioning allow instant optimum cabin temperature. The remarkably low noise level helps you relax and concentrate more on the views outside. Full stand-up cabin height and reading lights add to your comfort.
The Beech 1900D is a substantial redesign of the earlier 1900C model entered service featuring a wing span (over winglets) of 17.67m (58ft), wing area of 28.8 sq m (310.0sq ft), length of 17.63m (57ft 10in), and height of 4.72m (15ft 6in) in 1991.
The Beechcraft 1900 D is the latest and last version of the world famous Beechcraft 1900 series used as a regional airliner and corporate transporter and run on two 955kW (1280shp) P&WC PT6A67D turboprops. It has maximum cruising speed of 533km/h (288kt) and is capable of long range cruises of upto 2776km (1498nm). It can fly with a maximum takeoff weight of 7688kg (17,120lb) and requires two flight crews.

Buddha Air - ATR 42-320
ATR is an French-Italian aircraft manufacturer formed in 1981 by Aerospatiale of France (now EADS) and Aeritalia (now Alenia Aeronautica) of Italy. Its primary products are the ATR 42 and ATR 72 aircraft.
Alenia Aeronautica's manufacturing facilities in Pomigliano d'Arco, near Naples, Italy produce the aircraft fuselage and tail sections. Aircraft wings are assembled at EADS Sogerma in Bordeaux in western France for Airbus France. Final assembly, flight-testing, certification and deliveries are the responsibility of ATR in Toulouse, France.
The ATR 42-320 is the second development of the ATR 42. It draws from in-service experience of about 700 ATR aircrafts flying worldwide, with average dispatch reliability in excess of 99.6%. It uses Pratt and Whitney Canada PW121E engines offering a cruise speed of 250 knots, a fast climb from 1,500 ft to 17,000 ft in less than 10 min, outstanding take-off and single engine performance maintained even in hot and high condition. It has excellent short-field performance and step approach capability.
The ATR 42-320 provides passengers with an on-board comfort and services comparable to the jetliner. It has a high cruise ceiling of about 7,000 m (21,000 ft) with inherent stability and can operate in a maximum altitude of 25,000ft. It features large overhead bins including a handrail to facilitate passengers and crew movement along the cabin and has more windows than rows of seats for optimized views, individual reading lights and cabin attendant call system along with quiet, comfortable and spacious cabins.

Buddha Air - ATR 72-500
ATR 72-500 represents the latest generation of turboprop aircraft with comfort and performance. The 70-seat ATR 72-500 is known to be the best aircraft with turbo-prop engines. Powered by PW127 engines, also used to power ATR 42-500, the ATR 72-500 provides an outstanding short field performance for an aircraft of this size. The modernized new look passenger cabin, ergonomic leather seats and more quiet than regional jets are the main features that makes it the most comfortable aircraft for regional operations.
In ATR 72-500, a range of improvements in the field of noise and vibration has been implemented. The aircraft has an optimized, efficient and technologically advanced acoustic treatment of the structure with the installation of Dynamic Vibration Absorbers and skin damping. A new look interior is engineered for maximum noise reduction and optimum comfort through new materials, absorbent panels and carpets. There are large overhead bins including handrail to facilitate passengers and crew movement along the cabin.
ATR 72-500 emits about 50% less CO2 per passenger-km than new-generation jets and up to three times less CO2 than older ones. Compared to a car, the ATR 72-500's carbone dioxyde (CO2) emissions per seat/km on a 200-Nm (370 km) sector are 15% lower.
29 to 34 degree Celsius (summer)
1 to 10 degree  Celsius (Winter)
Kathmandu, the heart and capital of Nepal, was born out of an ancient lake and centuries of legends. Today it is a fast growing metropolis that in many ways represents all that is Nepal. Its ancient streets, market squares, temples and the living cultural heritage stand as a testimony to its past glory. As the political and economic center of the country, Kathmandu Valley is a place where people from all over the country and indeed the world converge making it the most advanced urban centre in the nation.
Kathmandu is the only city that has direct international air links and is connected to all the domestic airports as well. Kathmandu valley is connected by two major highways that link it to the rest of the country. As a well facilitated city it serves as the perfect base to start an exciting trip to anywhere in Nepal, Tibet, Darjeeling, Sikkim and the rest of South Asia.

33 to 35 degree Celsius (Summer)
4 to 14 degree Celsius (Winter)
Flight Duration: 50 minutes from Kathmandu
Bhadrapur is a quiet town located in the south eastern plains of Nepal. It can serve as the starting point for treks to the eastern Himalaya, most notably to the third highest peak in the world Mt. Kanchanjunga, and the Makalu Barun National Park. The town is 40 km away from the Indian border town of Siliguri that connects to Darjeeling, Sikkim, and other parts of North East India.

35 to 38 degree Celsius (Summer) 
10 to 27 degree Celsius (Winter) 
Flight Duration: 45 minutes from Kathmandu
Located in the southern plains of mid west Nepal, Bhairahawa is less than 30 minutes ride from Lumbini the birthplace of Siddhartha Gautam Buddha. As a town close to the border with India, Bhairahawa is fast growing as a trade centre.

33 to 36 degree Celsius (Summer)
8 to 26 degree Celsius (Winter)
Flight Duration: 40 minutes from Kathmandu
Biratnagar is the country's largest industrial center fulfilling much of the country's demands. Situated in the south eastern part of the country the city is home to different cultures and ethnic groups. Nepal's largest river Sapta Koshi which supports the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve is located less than two hours drive from Biratnagar. Some of the major hill towns like Dharan, Ilam, Damak, are also close by and connected by road to Biratnagar. As a border town Biratnagar is one of the main entry points to Nepal.
24 to 39 degree Celsius (Summer)
8 to 26 degree Celsius (Winter)
Flight duration: 20 min from Kathmandu
Bharatpur in central Nepal is right next to the world famous Chitwan National Park. The city is about five hours drive Kathmandu and is one of the most well facilitated areas in the entire country boasting of several well equipped modern hospitals. The Chitwan National Park a former hunting ground of the royalties is the habitat of several endangered species such as the Royal Bengal Tiger, the One Horned Asian Rhinoceros and many more.

Flight Duration: 1 hr 20 minutes from Kathmandu
The town of Dhangadhi is one of the main hubs of far western Nepal. The city like others in the Tarai is slowly growing in size particularly due its proximity to other parts of far western Nepal and north India. The region is also famous for the Shuklaphanta Natural Park and the Ghoda Ghodi Water Shed Reserve about 30 km east of the town. The East West highway continues towards Mahendranagar in the west while the Karnali highway goes up towards the upper areas of far west Nepal.

33 to 35 degree Celsius (Summer)
4 to 14 degree Celsius (Winter)
Flight Duration: 30 minutes from Kathmandu
Pokhara is definitely one of the most beautiful places in Nepal. Located in the western region, in the lap of the magnificent 6777 m high Mt. Machhapuchre (Fishtail) and with Lake Phewa serenely shining right in the middle of the city, Pokhara attracts thousands of tourists every year. The seven big and small lakes in the vicinity also give the name Lake City to Pokhara and serves to make it one of the most idyllic tourist destinations in Nepal. As the launching point for the world famous Annapurna Circuit trek and numerous white water rafting expeditions, Pokhara is a magnet for the adventurous.

29 to 34 degree Celsius (Summer)
1 to 10 degree Celsius (Winter)
Flight Duration: 15 minutes from Kathmandu
The Simara Airport is 30 minutes drive from the bustling industrial and commercial city of Birgunj in the central Tarai. As one of Nepal's oldest cities Birgunj is strategically located making it a frequent destination for business travelers, executives of foreign projects and agencies, overland tourists, pilgrims and other visitors. The cities importance as a strategic trade and transit junction between Nepal and the world beyond is signified by the dry port constructed there recently.

30 to 36 degree Celsius (Summer)
6 to 24 degree Celsius (Winter)
Flight Duration: 1 hour from Kathmandu
Located in the south west of the country, Nepalgunj is the gateway to the Wild West. As with many of the towns in the Tarai, Nepalgunj is growing as a commercial hub. The Indian city of Luck now is only five hours drive from Nepalgunj. It is also the starting point to treks that head towards the far west and north-west.

29 to 34 degree Celsius (Summer)
1 to 10 degree Celsius (Winter)
Flight Duration: 25 minutes
Named after the legendary King Janak of the Hindu epic Ramayana, Janakpur was the capital of the ancient Indian kingdom of Mithila. King Janak was the father of Sita, the wife of the Hindu god Rama, heroine of the great epic. Located in the eastern Tarai, Janakpur attracts thousands of Hindu pilgrims every year to its Ram Janaki Temple. As the center of a great civilization, Janakpur is also famous for the now revived ancient Mithila art and craft.
Flight From Flight To Flight No. Dep. Time Arri. Time Price on US $ basis
Kathmandu Pokhara U4-603 08:30:00 09:00:00 US$ 123
Kathmandu Pokhara U4-605 09:00:00 09:30:00 US$ 123
Kathmandu Pokhara U4-607 12:30:00 13:00:00 US$ 123
Kathmandu Pokhara U4-609 14:30:00 15:00:00 US$ 123
Kathmandu Pokhara U4-611 15:00:00 15:30:00 US$ 123
Kathmandu Biratnagar U4-705 08:30:00 09:10:00 US$ 115
Kathmandu Biratnagar U4-707 10:20:00 11:00:00 US$ 115
Kathmandu Biratnagar U4-709 13:30:00 14:10:00 US$ 115
Kathmandu Biratnagar U4-711 16:30:00 17:10:00 US$ 115
Kathmandu Nepalgunj U4-451 09:00:00 10:00:00 US$ 153
Kathmandu Nepalgunj U4-405 16:10:00 17:10:00 US$ 153
Kathmandu Bhairahawa U4-851 10:00:00 10:35:00 US$ 113
Kathmandu Bhairahawa U4-853 13:00:00 13:35:00 US$ 113
Kathmandu Bhairahawa U4-855 16:30:00 17:05:00 US$ 113
Kathmandu Janakpur U4-501 10:05:00 10:30:00 US$ 120
Kathmandu Janakpur U4-503 13:30:00 13:55:00 US$ 120
Kathmandu Janakpur U4-505 15:00:00 15:25:00 US$ 120
Kathmandu Simara U4-551 10:10:00 10:25:00 US$ 106
Kathmandu Simara U4-553 11:10:00 11:25:00 US$ 106
Kathmandu Simara U4-555 12:00:00 12:15:00 US$ 106
Kathmandu Simara U4-557 13:20:00 13:35:00 US$ 106
Kathmandu Simara U4-559 14:20:00 14:35:00 US$ 106
Kathmandu Simara U4-561 15:20:00 15:35:00 US$ 106
Kathmandu Simara U4-563 16:00:00 16:15:00 US$ 106
Kathmandu Bharatpur U4-351 10:50:00 11:10:00 US$ 111
Kathmandu Bharatpur U4-353 13:30:00 13:50:00 US$ 111
Kathmandu Bharatpur U4-355 14:40:00 15:00:00 US$ 111
Kathmandu Dhangadhi U4-251 12:00:00 13:10:00 US$ 222
Kathmandu Bhadrapur U4-951 10:50:00 11:40:00 US$ 139
Kathmandu Bhadrapur U4-953 13:10:00 14:00:00 US$ 139
Kathmandu Mountain 06:30:00 07:30:00 US$ 200
Kathmandu Mountain 07:45:00 08:45:00 US$ 200
Pokhara Kathmandu U4-604 09:20:00 09:50:00 US$ 123
Pokhara Kathmandu U4-606 09:50:00 10:20:00 US$ 123
Pokhara Kathmandu U4-608 13:30:00 14:00:00 US$ 123
Pokhara Kathmandu U4-610 15:30:00 16:00:00 US$ 123
Pokhara Kathmandu U4-612 15:45:00 16:15:00 US$ 123
Biratnagar Kathmandu U4-706 09:40:00 10:20:00 US$ 115
Biratnagar Kathmandu U4-708 11:20:00 12:00:00 US$ 115
Biratnagar Kathmandu U4-710 14:40:00 15:20:00 US$ 115
Biratnagar Kathmandu U4-712 17:40:00 18:20:00 US$ 115
Nepalgunj Kathmandu U4-452 10:30:00 11:30:00 US$ 153
Nepalgunj Kathmandu U4-406 17:40:00 18:30:00 US$ 153
Bhairahawa Kathmandu U4-852 10:50:00 11:25:00 US$ 113
Bhairahawa Kathmandu U4-854 13:50:00 14:25:00 US$ 113
Bhairahawa Kathmandu U4-856 17:35:00 18:10:00 US$ 113
Janakpur Kathmandu U4-502 10:45:00 11:10:00 US$ 120
Janakpur Kathmandu U4-504 14:05:00 14:30:00 US$ 120
Janakpur Kathmandu U4-506 15:40:00 16:05:00 US$ 120
Simara Kathmandu U4-552 10:40:00 10:55:00 US$ 106
Simara Kathmandu U4-554 11:30:00 11:45:00 US$ 106
Simara Kathmandu U4-556 12:30:00 12:45:00 US$ 106
Simara Kathmandu U4-558 13:50:00 14:05:00 US$ 106
Simara Kathmandu U4-560 14:50:00 15:05:00 US$ 106
Simara Kathmandu U4-562 15:50:00 16:05:00 US$ 106
Simara Kathmandu U4-564 16:30:00 16:45:00 US$ 106
Bharatpur Kathmandu U4-352 11:30:00 11:50:00 US$ 111
Bharatpur Kathmandu U4-354 14:05:00 14:25:00 US$ 111
Bharatpur Kathmandu U4-356 15:15:00 15:35:00 US$ 111
Dhangadhi Kathmandu U4-252 13:40:00 14:50:00 US$ 222
Bhadrapur Kathmandu U4-952 12:10:00 13:00:00 US$ 139
Bhadrapur Kathmandu U4-954 14:20:00 15:10:00 US$ 139

* Round trip airfare will be double.

Schedules are daily basis and subject to change without notice.
All timings are shown in local times.
33% discount will be allowed for the child (below 12 yrs) in normal fare [not in Fuel Surcharge (FSC).
90% the discount will be allowed for the infant (below 24 months) in normal fare [not in Fuel Surcharge (FSC).

Note : No child discount for Mount Everest Experience Flight

Cancellation Policy

  • 10% will be charged for cancellation of bookings before 11hrs from flight time.
  • 33.3% will be charged for for cancellation for booking within 11 hrs from flight time.
  • Rescheduling can be done 11 hrs before flight time.

Passenger will be treated as a No Show for not reporting within the reporting time and company shall not be liable to refund the tickets. Reporting time is 1 hr before the departure time, passengers will not be able to embark at the check-in counter 20 minutes before the given departure time.

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