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Domestic Flight Destinations

» Kathmandu
» Pokhara
» Lukla
» Jomsom
» Dhangadhi
» Janakpur
» Simara
» Phaplu
» Bharatpur (Chitwan)
» Nepalgunj (Bardia)
» Bhairahawa (Lumbini)
» Mt. Flight (Everest)
» Bhadrapur
» Biratnagar
» Tumlingtar
» Surkhet

Testimonials did a great job for us; flight was cancelled first day due to weather[happens quite often] and this is where the service paid off! They went to work and got us scheduled on our only other free morning---wonderful flight! Recommend service highly - 5 stars!
- David & Nataylia

Yeti Airlines

Yeti Airlines Domestic Pvt. Ltd. started operations with two DHC-6/300 Series 'Twin Otter' aircraft flying to remote areas with STOL (Short Take Off and Landing) airports like Lukla, Phaplu, Lamidanda, Rumjatar and Simikot.

Within the last 13 years, we have strengthened and grown to become Nepal's premier airline.
We have the largest fleet of Seven  British Aerospace 'Jetstream-41' ; covering major cities within Nepal  from the mountains and hills to the Terai region; we maintain and fly the largest and most extensive destinations network in Nepal.
Yeti Airlines aims at providing air transportation services within the country and the region with a technically-sound and economically-viable, competitive fleet of the best aircraft for this region. Yeti Airlines also works porno izle hard at fostering a self-driven and personalized staff-base driving towards complete customer-centric orientation.
The company is determined to play an effective role in porno izle stimulating the economic development of the nation by promoting development of the tourism industry of Nepal while simultaneously providing an extensive connection.

The J-41 is the fastest turboprop aircraft operating in Nepal.
Advanced, easy to access avionics and electronic component greatly reduces the pilot's work load which greatly enhances his performance. It is the fastest turbo-prop aircraft operating in Nepal, significantly reducing travel time. It is the only aircraft in Nepal which has an EGPWS system (Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System) which works both horizontally and vertically and TCAS-II (Traffic Collision Avoidance System) making it safer and better suited to fly in the mountainous regions of Nepal.

We have the added facility of an on-board lavatory.

Jetstream - 41 specificactions:

Powerplants Two 1230 KW (1650 SHP) AlliedSignal TPE331-14 GR/HR turboprop engines driving five blade McCauley propellers
Performance Maximum Speed: 547 km/h (295 kt),
Maximum Take Off Weight: 10,866 kg (24,000 lb)
Dimensions a. Length:19.33 m (63 ft 5 in)
b. Height: 5.61 m (18 ft 5 in)
c. Wing Area:18.42 m (60 ft 5.3 in)
d. Cabin Headroom: 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in)
Capacity a. Two Flight crew and one cabin attendant
b. Main cabin seating for up to 29 at 3 abreast & 76cm (30in) pitch (legroom)

Bhadrapur, a calm suburban town of Nepal, is only 45 minutes flight away from Kathmandu and offers a gateway to the eastern Himalayan regions such as Ilam, Taplejung, Panchthar and trekking to the base camp of Kanchanjunga.

Biratnagar, a sub-metropolitan and Nepal's second largest city is located in Koshi Zone on the southern Terai belt of Nepal, near the south-eastern border with India.

Tumlingtar is a region and a city, in Eastern Nepal, between Arun river and Sabha River in Zone. The area is also known for the temple of Hindu goddess, Manakamana, known as Manakamana of Tumlingtar, situated 2.5 km north from Tumlingtar Airport.

Janakpur is the administrative headquaters of Dhanusa District of Janakpur zone. Located 400 Km south-east of Kathmandu, Janakpur has a substantial tourist industry due to its importance as a Hindu pilgrimage destination.It is also home to the only operational railway in Nepal.

Bharatpur is a city in the central-southern part of Nepal. Located in Chitwan Valley, its common and unofficial name is Narayangadh and is widely referred as such. Bharatpur is the district headquarters of the Chitwan District, as well as a separate Municipal authority, and is the seventh largest city of Nepal. It lies on the banks of Narayani River and serves as a commercial centre of Chitwan district and central region of Nepal.

The enchanting city has several beautiful lakes and offers stunning panoramic views of the Fishtail Mountain flanked by the Majestic Himalayas.

Lumbini is a World Heritage Site that attracts tourists from all over the world.
Bhairahawa is the gateway to Lumbini, the birthplace of Siddhartha Gautam (Lord Buddha), a medieval Prince who later renounced his privileges and became a monk preaching peaceful co-existence and a philosophy to living called 'Buddhism'.

Nepalgunj, is located in Banke district, near Nepal's southern border with India It is the transport hub for western, mid-western and far-western regions of Nepal. The nearest Indian border is about 8 Km South of Nepalgunj.
Nepalgunj is an important business centre for more than 5 regions (Bheri, Rapti, Mahakali, Karnali, Seti).

Dhangadi is the city in Western Nepal on the border with India. It is the district headquater of Kailali District in the province of Seti and the largest city in the Far-Western region of Nepal. The city is well connected with other major cities of Nepal and the Indian stat of Uttar Pradesh. The airport is located 10KM away from city.The place is facilitated with all kinds of necessities.

Flight From Flight To Flight No. Dep. Time Arri. Time Price on US $ basis
Kathmandu Mountain 06:35:00 07:30:00 US$ 200
Kathmandu Mountain 06:40:00 07:35:00 US$ 200
Kathmandu Mountain 06:45:00 07:40:00 US$ 200
Kathmandu Mountain 07:45:00 08:45:00 US$ 200
Kathmandu Pokhara NYT-671 08:00:00 08:25:00 US$ 123
Kathmandu Pokhara NYT-673 08:05:00 08:30:00 US$ 123
Kathmandu Pokhara NYT-675 09:30:00 09:55:00 US$ 123
Kathmandu Pokhara NYT-677 11:30:00 11:55:00 US$ 123
Kathmandu Pokhara NYT-679 13:10:00 13:35:00 US$ 123
Kathmandu Pokhara NYT-681 14:35:00 15:00:00 US$ 123
Kathmandu Pokhara NYT-683 14:50:00 15:15:00 US$ 123
Kathmandu Pokhara NYT-685 15:30:00 15:55:00 US$ 123
Kathmandu Biratnagar NYT-787 07:10:00 07:50:00 US$ 115
Kathmandu Biratnagar NYT-789 08:20:00 09:00:00 US$ 115
Kathmandu Biratnagar NYT-791 11:10:00 11:50:00 US$ 115
Kathmandu Biratnagar NYT-793 13:40:00 14:20:00 US$ 115
Kathmandu Biratnagar NYT-795 14:20:00 15:00:00 US$ 115
Kathmandu Biratnagar NYT-797 15:30:00 16:10:00 US$ 115
Kathmandu Biratnagar NYT-799 16:30:00 17:10:00 US$ 115
Kathmandu Bhadrapur NYT-921 10:30:00 11:15:00 US$ 139
Kathmandu Bhadrapur NYT-923 12:10:00 12:55:00 US$ 139
Kathmandu Bhadrapur NYT-925 13:10:00 13:55:00 US$ 139
Kathmandu Nepalgunj NYT-421 08:45:00 09:40:00 US$ 153
Kathmandu Nepalgunj NYT-423 16:30:00 17:25:00 US$ 153
Kathmandu Bhairahawa NYT-891 08:40:00 09:10:00 US$ 113
Kathmandu Bhairahawa NYT-893 16:10:00 16:40:00 US$ 113
Kathmandu Janakpur NYT-571 10:30:00 10:55:00 US$ 120
Kathmandu Janakpur NYT-573 15:40:00 16:05:00 US$ 120
Kathmandu Bharatpur NYT-175 11:50:00 12:10:00 US$ 111
Kathmandu Dhangadhi NYT-231 12:40:00 13:50:00 US$ 222
Kathmandu Tumlingtar NYT-751 08:05:00 08:40:00 US$ 144
Pokhara Kathmandu NYT-672 08:45:00 09:10:00 US$ 123
Pokhara Kathmandu NYT-674 08:50:00 09:15:00 US$ 123
Pokhara Kathmandu NYT-676 10:15:00 10:40:00 US$ 123
Pokhara Kathmandu NYT-678 12:15:00 12:40:00 US$ 123
Pokhara Kathmandu NYT-680 13:55:00 14:20:00 US$ 123
Pokhara Kathmandu NYT-682 15:20:00 15:45:00 US$ 123
Pokhara Kathmandu NYT-684 15:35:00 16:00:00 US$ 123
Pokhara Kathmandu NYT-686 16:15:00 16:40:00 US$ 123
Biratnagar Kathmandu NYT-788 08:10:00 08:50:00 US$ 115
Biratnagar Kathmandu NYT-790 09:20:00 10:00:00 US$ 115
Biratnagar Kathmandu NYT-792 12:10:00 12:50:00 US$ 115
Biratnagar Kathmandu NYT-794 14:40:00 15:30:00 US$ 115
Biratnagar Kathmandu NYT-796 15:20:00 16:00:00 US$ 115
Biratnagar Kathmandu NYT-798 16:30:00 17:10:00 US$ 115
Biratnagar Kathmandu NYT-800 17:30:00 18:10:00 US$ 115
Bhadrapur Kathmandu NYT-922 11:35:00 12:20:00 US$ 139
Bhadrapur Kathmandu NYT-924 13:15:00 14:00:00 US$ 139
Bhadrapur Kathmandu NYT-926 14:15:00 15:00:00 US$ 139
Nepalgunj Kathmandu NYT-422 10:00:00 10:55:00 US$ 153
Nepalgunj Kathmandu NYT-424 17:45:00 18:40:00 US$ 153
Bhairahawa Kathmandu NYT-892 09:30:00 10:00:00 US$ 113
Bhairahawa Kathmandu NYT-894 17:00:00 17:30:00 US$ 113
Janakpur Kathmandu NYT-572 11:15:00 11:40:00 US$ 120
Janakpur Kathmandu NYT-574 16:25:00 16:50:00 US$ 120
Bharatpur Kathmandu NYT-176 12:30:00 12:50:00 US$ 111
Dhangadhi Kathmandu NYT-232 14:10:00 15:20:00 US$ 222
Tumlingtar Kathmandu NYT-752 09:00:00 09:35:00 US$ 144

* Round trip airfare will be double.

Schedules are daily basis and subject to change without notice.
All timings are shown in local times.
33% discount will be allowed for the child (below 12 yrs) in normal fare [not in Fuel Surcharge (FSC).
90% the discount will be allowed for the infant (below 24 months) in normal fare [not in Fuel Surcharge (FSC).

Note : No child discount for Mount Everest Experience Flight

Cancellation Policy

  • 10% will be charged for cancellation of bookings before 11hrs from flight time.
  • 33.3% will be charged for for cancellation for booking within 11 hrs from flight time.
  • Rescheduling can be done 11 hrs before flight time.

Passenger will be treated as a No Show for not reporting within the reporting time and company shall not be liable to refund the tickets. Reporting time is 1 hr before the departure time, passengers will not be able to embark at the check-in counter 20 minutes before the given departure time.

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